Beijing +25 Coalition urges women ministers to be mature in carrying out their duties


Kinshasa, April 21nd, 2021 (CPA).– Ms. Annie Bambe, member of Beijing +25 Coalition on Tuesday invited women recently appointed ministers to show maturity and self-sacrifice in carrying out the duties entrusted to them. She launched this invitation, during the interview granted to CPA, at the end of the workshop organized by its structure, at the parish of Notre Dame of Fatima in Gombe municipality, on « the importance and expectations of the current score of female representativeness of the Sama Lukonde government”.

She urged them to take resolute action to master the problems within their respective sectors, because the challenges to be met are enormous, before adding that the woman must be a bearer of hope for the renewal of the Congolese man.

The multiple pleas for women’s access to decision-making positions, having shown that women had the same skills as men and that they could do better, the hope today is that representativeness female will drop from 27% to 37% or even 50%.

The rate of female representation within the last 3 governments, having been 5%, 10%, 17% of women, Annie Bambe, expressed the wish to see women get to work by working hard . ACP/