CorPPN on a mission to support the governance of Upemba national park


Kinshasa, April 21nd, 2021 (CPA).– The Commander of the protection corps of national parks and related protected areas (CorPPN), Major General Albert Massi Bamba, carried out from April 11th to 21st of the current year, a mission to support the governance of UPEMBA national park, in order to revive the park-riparian population relations and various state services involved in securing protected areas, said a press release from this structure received on Wednesday at CPA.

This mission, indicates the source, was also intended to make contact with the political, administrative, military and customary authorities for a better understanding of the issues.

To do this, the Commander of CorPPN encouraged the local populations to collaborate with the Congolese institute for the conservation of nature (ICCN) by presenting specifications for this collaboration. He took advantage of his presence on the scene to take a closer look at the realities on the ground and clarify the accusations against the leaders of Upemba National Park and more particularly the eco-guards.

At the headquarters of Upemba national Park, the Commander of CorPPN and head of the eco-guards, reminded his men of their mission which consists of securing protected areas which can be summed up in three points namely, discipline, training and the love of work, through a parade that allowed the park rangers to feel confident. To residents, he reassured them by denying rumors of the sale of Upemba park to third parties.

The source specifies that it is with a view to strengthening collaboration and rapprochement with various state services, that a meeting of the members of the security council of Mitwaba territory, was held with the delegation of the commander of CorPPN and the provincial director of ICCN / Katanga, Robert MUIR, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the interoperability of the structures involved in securing protected areas.

On an official 10 day mission in Haut-Katanga, in Upemba national park, and at the head of an ICCN / CorPPN delegation, the commander of CorPPN, Major General Massi Bamba Albert, took the opportunity to exchange views with, in particular, the governor of Haut-Katanga province, the president of the Provincial Assembly, members of the provincial security council and other personalities of the province, it recalls. ACP/