For increasing reception capacity in YMCA schools


Kinshasa, April 21nd, 2021 (CPA).- The national general secretary of YMCA- YWCA / RDC, Batty Mundhu Fetty, met on Tuesday at his office located at the headquarters of this organization in Kalamu municipality, the managers of the associated schools in order to  » synergistically examine the conditions likely to increase the reception capacity of children from various social strata, from the start of 2021-2022 school year.

In this context, Mr. Mundhu asked his hosts to prepare before the end of the current school year, the situation relating to the number of classrooms, furniture infrastructure, as well as the number of teachers, seated as standing. . It will also be a question of presenting in these specifications an effective marketing likely to convince the parents to have their offspring educated in YMCA establishments where the scout method will henceforth be included in the civic education course to train role models excellency.

This analysis of the situation will start from nursery and primary level, to secondary level as well as for vocational training centers. This will allow it to mobilize the necessary funds to support YMCA-YWCA / RDC in its vision of training young people at a lower cost.

Recalling the functioning of the schools of this structure which has been fighting since its creation to overcome hunger and poverty through studies and training, the speaker called on parents to pay, fairly, the essential for the correct functioning of the pedagogy and the occasional granting of bonuses to teachers who are voluntary members of the association.

The same arrangements will apply to YMCA University (UNYMCA) where the few graduates are doing a good job in the country. ACP/