LINAFOOT: V. Club stops Maniema Union momentum (1-0) and confirms title claims


Kinshasa, April 21nd, 2021 (CPA).- AS V.Club of Kinshasa stopped the momentum of AS Maniema Union of Kindu by winning by 1-0, on Wednesday at Joseph Kabila Kabange stadium, in the chief- place of Maniema province, in a late match of the 14th day of the 26th championship of the National Football League (LINAFOOT).

With this victory, the green black team from Kinshasa confirmed their claims for the title, during a game marked by good possession of the ball from the visitors of Kinshasa against scoring chances that their counterpart from Kindu did not know feat wisely. In the first period, the black dolphins were saved thanks to goalkeeper Simon Omossola, who made two decisive saves on balls from Maxi Nzengeli (23rd) and Imana Lote (37th).

Coming back from the locker room, Jean Florent Ibenge and his flock took action, to the point that Fiston Kalala Mayele (50th) sent a ball to goalkeeper Jackson Lunanga, who took the latter against him to open the scoring. An achievement that allowed the V.Club forward to score his 7th personal goal in this competition.

Sensing the defeat coming, Maniema Union will open up to try to catch up again but in vain because, V.Club will strengthen its defensive block in order to counter its opponent and safeguard its advantage until the last whistle of the arbitrator. A victory that puts a stop to Kindu’s 7 game unbeaten streak since December 21st, 2020 at Kashala Bonzola stadium against SM Sanga Balende.

Bet won for Jean Florent Ibenge

The victory of V.Club is a bet won for the coach Jean Florent Ibenge Ikwange, who declared on Tuesday during his pre-match press conference: “In such a fierce fight for the title, we should simply prevent Maniema Union to line up an 8th consecutive victory. We are fighting for the title. You have to be strong enough to get this title. And now, it’s clear, Maniema Union must be prevented from scoring an 8th victory. It’s a crucial game, it’s up to us to live up to this game. It’s not an exceptional game, it’s an important game « .

Slowly but surely, V.Club is back to 2nd place with 48 points in 20 matches, behind Maniema Union, 49 points in 22 matches. TP Mazembe now occupies 3rd position with 47 points from 21 points.

The two teams will meet again on Saturday April 24th at the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium, this time for the return leg. ACP/