Nord Kivu province ready to receive AstraZeneca vaccine


Goma, April 21nd, 2021 (CPA).- The head of the provincial health division, Dr. Janvier Kubuya, said on Monday, during an interview with CPA, that the province of Nord Kivu is already ready to receive “AstraZeneca” vaccine against Covid 19 .

This sectoral framework indicated that Nord Kivu is among the provinces which are targeted by this first phase of vaccination in view of the number of cases recorded by the province, like the second province after the city province of Kinshasa.

He called on the population of Nord Kivu to appropriate this vaccination campaign which will help them because the Covid-19 as a viral disease, has not had a treatment until then and no drug can cure it, a he continued.

This first step, he stressed, will concern health professionals and people with chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetics.

« It will not be a mass campaign, let alone mandatory to receive the vaccine, given the quantity of doses the government of DRC has available », said Dr. Kubuya.

“Even if you will be vaccinated against Covid19, that does not mean that you can no longer contract Covid-19. However, the vaccine is about boosting immunity. If someone has contracted the virus, they will not be very exposed and in a mild form”, he said.

The vaccination campaign was launched in Kinshasa on April 19th and will continue gradually in other provinces, it is recalled. ACP/