Organization of a Congolese culinary diversity campaign in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, April 21nd, 2021 (ACP).- The Congolese government, in partnership with a coalition of international NGO present in Kinshasa, including CENADEP, Viamo and the friends of Bonobos of Congo organized on Monday in Kinshasa, a culinary diversity campaign from DRC under the theme “let’s celebrate Congolese cookery without bushmeat”.

Mrs. Godelieve Muvaro Congolese chef who participated in this activity said that this campaign aims to promote Congolese cuisine and invite famous Congolese chefs to share their recipes that are just as delicious and easy to prepare, but without bushmeat.

The Minister in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development, Claude Nyamugabo said that in DRC, the demand for bushmeat exceeds the supply. This pressure comes largely from large metropolises like Kinshasa. This poses a risk to wildlife and a threat to the rich and unique Congolese biodiversity.

It is in this context that the Minister stressed that the said campaign is being implemented in Kinshasa, in order to reduce the pressure arising from this demand by encouraging Congolese cuisine without bushmeat. ACP/