Launching in Kinshasa of the preliminary tests for the state exam


Kinshasa, April 26th, 2021 (CPA).- The outgoing vice-minister of primary, secondary and technical education (EPST), Didier Budimbu, launched, on Sunday, in Kinshasa, the preliminary tests for the State Examination, 2020-2021 edition, throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He launched these tests which consist in evaluating and selecting the best self-taught candidates to take the tests of the State Examination scheduled in the coming days, in the presence of the provincial Minister of Education of Kinshasa, of the Secretary General and the acting inspector general at the EPST.

Good progress in Tanganyika of the preliminary round

The preliminary test for autodidacts in order to participate in the state exam, 2020-2021 edition in the province of Tanganyika, went well in the various centers where the city of Kalemie, capital of the province , aligned 26 candidates, Moba 30 and Nyunzu 20 for the provincial division of EPST / Tanganyika 1. This test was launched Sunday in the city of Kalemie at the center of the Amani Institute by the provincial director of EPST Tanganyika 1, Marcel Mayala. Marcel Mayala wished them good success in order to prepare seriously to face the tests of the state exam properly. Likewise for the provincial division of EPST / Tanganyika 2 based in the territory of Kabalo, bringing together the territories of Kongolo and Manono, the self-taught test also went well. According to the Provincial Principal Inspector of EPST / Tanganyika 1, Mr. Longa, 76 self-taught candidates (boys and girls) took part in this preliminary state exam.