The NGO « Right to Happiness » campaigns against poverty and the degradation of the mores of the Congolese


Kinshasa April 26th, 2021 (CPA).- The President of the NGO “Right to Happiness (DB)”, Pascal Kamany Mwamba, declared that his organization is fighting against poverty as well as the degradation of the mores of the Congolese due to the lack of technological progress, the dilapidation of basic social infrastructure in order to build a rational Congo equipped with impulses towards development and fulfillment. He made this statement on Saturday to the CPA during the opening of a popular restaurant in the May 20 district in the commune of Kalamu in Kinshasa, where the headquarters of this NGO is located. For the latter, the President of the NGO « Right to happiness the popular restaurant is not the first action of the organization, because since March, the Association manufactures fresh dairy products yoghurt under hygienic standards and sanitary facilities, of good quality at reasonable prices and sold in all corners of the capital. In addition, in order to promote the well-being of the Congolese, the NGO DB, will carry out poverty reduction activities by promoting the creation of micro-finance and peasant microstructures, he said, declaring that its structure is ready to support the Congolese government’s sanitation programs.

He said that, in the field of public hygiene and health, the NGO D.B will develop effective communication tools to promote economic and tourism for the development of the DRC. In addition, President Kamany stressed that his organization remains open to other members as well as to donors affected by his vision, to lead together this fight in favor of the Congolese, especially the needy and vulnerable (street children, raped women, AIDS orphans, old people’s homes, etc.). As a reminder, the NGO Droit au Bonheur was created in 2010, and is under the direction of a National President, Pascal Kamany, assisted by two vice-presidents respectively Guy Katshiac and JP Mbuyi as well as his spokesperson and in charge of marketing and communication, Ms. Claudine Mukanya.