End of construction work on the Dikindi bridge on the Nava-Nebobongo section


Isiro April 27th, 2021 (CPA) .- The governor of the province of Haut-Uélé, Christophe Baseane Nangaa, made an inspection visit on Sunday on the various sites started in the territories of Rungu and Wamba. Accompanied in particular by the Director General of the Régie des Travaux Publics de la Province, (RTPHU) Emmanuel Londoma Madrapile as well as his few collaborators, he supervised the finishing works of the Dikindi bridge thus connecting the two aforementioned territories to the great satisfaction of the people who came to pay tribute to him for the creation of this 23 km long deserted agricultural road on his government’s own funds. Composed of a battery of 12 nozzles framed by the armed stick, this structure with a dimension of 15/12 is able to support thirty tons of goods according to the chief engineer of the site, enough to reassure the traders found on the spot who welcomed the vision of the provincial authority. The finalization of this infrastructure follows that of the Apoyo bridge built on this axis by the same management of the RTPHU which has now announced the start of the same work on the rest of the rivers located on this communication route which has become essential in the lives of populations of this corner of the province.