Federalism is the ideal form of state for development in Africa, says Aaron Mukalengi


Kinshasa, April 27th, 2021 (CPA) .- The coordinator of the citizen movement, “Citizen engagement for change (ECCHA)”, Aaron Mukalengi, indicated on Monday that federalism is the ideal form of state to realize the dreams of fathers Pan-Africanism in order to materialize the sustainable development of Africa. He said it on Monday during a conference organized in Kinshasa by the pan-African movement « Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP) », under the theme « Role of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the effectiveness of pan-Africanism. in the 21st century « . Speaking on the theme, « What contribution to the construction of the United States of Africa », Aaron Mukalengi focused his presentation on 3 points, namely, the form of State to be chosen to realize the dreams of the founding fathers of Pan-Africanism, the methodologies and means to be adopted to achieve this, as well as the construction of the United States of Africa. According to him, federalism will guarantee the living in harmony of Africa, while equitably distributing the resources of the African space to the daughters and sons of this continent and will allow the socio-economic, political and cultural development of the African continent, and promote a loving inter-African settlement of disputes between federated states.

For the approach to be followed, the EECHA coordinator recommended the appropriation and application of the African philosophy of Ubuntu which is only a dynamic process, a permanent trust of a river which meets many tributaries but that remains true to its source. “In terms of achievements, Ubuntu will allow a number of significant advances that must be achieved by the worthy daughters and sons of Africa: the reappropriation of African identity, the awareness of the collective African destiny, the African spiritual tradition, and the enhancement of authentic African culture and values, ”he said. The defender of human rights and activist of the CPP, Kasongo Ilunga who spoke of « Congolese youth facing the challenges of Pan-Africanism of peoples », affirmed that youth is the time of life between childhood and maturity. He invited African youth to follow in the footsteps of predecessors in particular, to have self-determination, courage and dignity, in order to enhance the value of black men and women. According to him, Pan-Africanism is a socio-political vision, a philosophy, a movement that seeks to unify Africans and Afro-descendants in a global and powerful African community. It is about promoting unity and solidarity among black people around the world. On this occasion, he called on young Congolese to organize themselves, join forces by sharing their experiences, their capacities, and by founding networks with other young Africans. « Let us not act for the money or the personal glory we might get out of it, but for the well-being of all, » he pleaded.