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PEAC: A forum on green entrepreneurship in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, April 27th, 2021 (CPA). The Edict proposal regulating the transport sector by Taxi-motorcycles in the city of Kinshasa, initiated by the provincial deputy, Marie Kyet Mutinga, deputy rapporteur of the office of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa, was declared admissible during the plenary chaired Monday by the president of this deliberative body, Godefroid Mpoy Kadima. In the various titles of this edict divided into six titles, each comprising chapters for a total of 28 articles, the initiator of this proposal speaks, among other things, of road traffic by taxi-motorcycles, of the rights and obligations of taxi drivers’ motorcycles, recycling, their identification, directory and transport authorization as well as penal provisions. In her explanatory memorandum, this elected representative of the municipality of N’sele justified her proposed edict in particular by the fact that public transport has become a headache in Kinshasa, stressing that this means of transport has become the way of recourse for a good number of Kinshasa to brave the difficulties of transport, in particular traffic jams. However, she argued, this transport activity, although it relieves the population of the capital to some extent, is often a source of accidents and public insecurity in the road traffic system following the regular violation. rules of conduct by motorcyclists. This new professional category is also riddled with uncivilists who use their motorcycles to perpetrate robberies and other crimes causing desolation across the city. From where the proposal of this edict which is inspired by article 203 point 21 of the DRC, as modified and supplemented to date, relating to the concurrent competences recognized with the central power and the provinces. This edict will be sent to the political administrative and judicial commission (PAJ), for its enrichment. The plenary also examined the Edict proposal for the protection and sustainable management of rivers in the city of Kinshasa, by MP Marie Ntumba Kimalazi. Given the abundance of material, which is essentially technical, the provincial deputies considered that this Edict proposal needs to be extended to other sectors, in particular the environment. It was in this context that they adopted its postponement for a review

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