The province of Ituri acclaimed 1st province in terms of accountability in the former Orientale province


Kinshasa, April 27th, 2021 (CPA) .- The province of Ituri, in the north-east of the DRC, was voted the first province in terms of accountability certified by the Court of Auditors, among the 4 provinces resulting from the dismemberment of the former Orientale Province, the provincial minister in charge of the economy, finance, trade, entrepreneurship and crafts of Ituri, Janvier Egudra Nyadri, told the CPA at the end of his official mission in Kinshasa. According to him, this positive note is the result of an examination of the Kisangani concentrate chamber which deals with the analysis and examinations of documents from 4 provinces resulting from the move, said the provincial minister. The provincial minister said he had come to the capital since April 06 to file, present and defend the draft edict of accountability for 2020. A project which, according to him, was drafted in a tumultuous environment with insecurity and its consequences. Despite this situation, Ituri province fought hard, was placed among the first provinces in the country to file the document with the Court of Auditors. »The mission made recommendations and benefited from relevant advice from the Court of Auditors in Kinshasa, which will allow the province of Ituri to improve its management and especially to continue to position itself as the best student in management. financial, ”he said. Despite these efforts, he said, the provincial government is subject to a motion of censure passed since April 11 following a procedure criticized and contested by the provincial government in view of numerous irregularities. having tainted this procedure, in violation of the constitution by the provincial deputies who even acted within the limits of the prerogatives recognized to them by the fundamental law. This political crisis, which took hold for the second time in Ituri after that of November 2019 sanctioned by a notice of inadmissibility by the courts, only delays the development momentum of the province of Ituri, has t -he says. He said that, in terms of security, Ituri is currently facing an extremely dangerous problem. The city of Bunia, capital of the province, like all the other territories, is on the verge of shattering. Bunia is currently surrounded in its northern part and traffic is interrupted from the provincial capital to Mahagi and likewise between Bunia and Komanda. The outskirts of the city to the west and east, he said, are controlled by rebel groups who are taking actions of extreme violence against the civilian population. The provincial government is working to stop this political crisis and its corollaries on security, so that the authority of the state is established and the population lives in peace, insisted the provincial minister of Ituri.

According to him, the solution to this crisis also involves a frank and sincere dialogue between the “Iturian” political actors because the young people who have taken up arms are from the “Iturian” community. Political leaders, he warned, will have to stop pulling the strings and commit to pooling efforts and intelligence to seek the interests of Ituri province. The attention of national authorities and the involvement of local political actors are essential to get Ituri out of the infernal cycle of insecurity and dream of stability and development in Ituri, concluded the spokesperson of the provincial government, which signaled the presence of the provincial governor in the capital for further advocacy.