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ALEF reaffirms its commitment to work for culture, writing and the writing profession in DRC

Kinshasa, May 3rd, 2021 (CPA).– The deputy president of the workshop for leadership, excellence and training (ALEF), Alfred Dibandi Nzondomio, reaffirmed, on Friday, the will of his structure to work for the promotion of culture, writing and the writing profession, during an exchange with CPA, on the sidelines of International Book Day celebrated on April 23rd of each year.

He indicated that this symbolic day chosen by the International Conference of (UNSECO) in Paris in 1995, is a date that marks above all, the deaths and births of several eminences of the literary universe.

He admitted that the celebration of this day in the DRC this year should be special, because the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, having the Presidency of the African Union has placed his mandate under a cultural theme, adding that It is therefore time that literature, which is a major art, can play its full role in illuminating minds asleep by the loneliness of ignorance.

The book remains essential even in the digital age

Mr. Dibandi also continued that the place of books in the digital age is essential in the sense that, digital has never been the opposite of writing, for him, paper constitutes the structure while that digital is the superstructure and thought is the foundation.

From orality to the digital age, the written word remains the basis of survival, because we cannot go from the oral tradition to the digital without mastering the written word, he explained, stressing that writing marked the beginning of the story that we can only hope to live if there is a particular devotion to the place of the written word.

In addition, the deputy president of ALEF praised the choice of the theme of this year « Read to never feel alone », which he says conveys a message of hope to those who live in solitude and calls on literary actors to produce more books to relieve this category of readers.

It is within this framework that its structure, in collaboration with some writers from the Congo has already updated the writings of the confinement, which are a compilation of the texts of the few Congolese writers produced during the period of confinement, in order to mark the force of writing in the evolution of the world, he concluded. ACP /

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