Dance occupies a prominent place in Congolese culture according to the coordinator of « Muana INA » Asbl


Kinshasa, May 3rd, 2021 (CPA).– The coordinator of Asbl called « Mwana INA », John Mbingilay, said on Friday during an exchange with CPA, that dance occupies a place of choice in Congolese culture, insofar as he accompanies the Congolese man in all the circumstances of his life.

John Mbingilay, who spoke on the sidelines of the International Dance Day celebrated on April 29th of each year and “Naza dancer” festival held from April 28th to 29th at INA, said that dance relaxes, entertains, shapes, transforms and helps the physical development of all who practice it, and above all it is a key factor in many African events.

Speaking of the festival, « Naza dancer » he said that this event was an opportunity to demonstrate the scientific richness of this profession and to detect the interactive relationship between the concepts « dance-dancer », « dancer-instructor » and « dancer-profession ”.

To do this, he encouraged the State to put in place a cultural policy which also takes into account the needs for the emergence of the dance sector, with all its contours.

The non-profit organization « Muana INA » is a group of cultural actors, all tendencies combined, former students or member of the academic staff of INA with the mission of supporting and actively participating in any activity related to social, artistic and cultural development, organized by one of the members.

To meet this mission, « MUANA INA » Asbl has set itself the objectives of reflecting on the exercise of different artistic professions, of serving as support for the educational and scientific activity of INA through the supervision of students and pupils of the humanities and other activities which help them to professionalize. ACP /