For the establishment of support structures for women leaders


Kinshasa, May 3rd, 2021 (CPA).– The permanent secretary of the national committee for women and development (CONAFED), Jeanne Nzuzi, expressed the wish to see Congolese intellectuals set up a support structure for women promoted to decision-making bodies and other leaders in different areas of working life.

Ms. Nzuzi, who spoke on Saturday during an interview with CPA, indicated that « The bravery and courage of the latter are not enough to lead human creatures », before insisting on the need to strengthen their capacities constantly in order to put them in a position to continue successfully their service to the populations.

This desired national structure and called to be more operational at the level of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), will inevitably have ramifications in the provinces and in the hinterland to render the service similar, a- she continued.

Regarding the objectives pursued, Ms. Nzuzi said that her mission will be, on the one hand, to organize for targeted women leaders, refresher seminars in managerial, political and social matters. And on the other hand, to improve the integration of the gender issue, estimating in this way, that one could expect a temporal change of discriminatory attitudes and behaviors in symphony in the structures and the procedures of management like making decisions.

Wish for permanent complementarity between men and women leaders

In addition, Ms. Nzuzi hoped that in the medium term, this structure should also ensure the strengthening of constant complementarity between men and women when it comes to the ideas to be put forward in order to contribute to the emergence, arguing that men must be included everywhere and in all actions concerning gender.

However, the support structure must, in addition, stop mechanisms likely to break any attempt at sexual harassment of women during the desired rapprochement at work and provide for penalties for perpetrators. ACP /