Women encouraged to join YMCA for entrepreneurship capacity building


Kinshasa, May 3rd, 2021 (CPA).- The general secretary of the Christian association of young people and the Christian female association (YMCA-YWCA), Batty Mundhu Fetty, urged on Friday on the occasion of the celebration of Women’s Day of YMCA in Kalamu municipality, women to join en masse in this international associative movement in order to learn appropriate technologies and entrepreneurship to become competitive within their respective communities.

Mr. Mundhu reminded them that the contribution of women in the maintenance of families in the event of the limits of the husbands’ purse, does not date from this day insofar as, formerly, the mothers, through the harvest of their fields and the artisanal production of drinks, managed to meet certain essential needs of their offspring.

 Speaking in the same direction, Ms. Gina Tshibangu, prefect at « Georges William » college in Gombe municipality, noted the importance for women of self-education in order to finance themselves according to new digital technologies. Because, she recalled, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought several families and countries around the world to their knees.

The Coordinator of the women’s section of this association, Habi Dinu, understood the two messages, before promising to support the national president, Jimmy Matulu, given that the women of YMCA who are not going to fold their arms in the meantime, keep to acquire new knowledge to ensure their development.

PNC exhortation to YWCA women

The chief superior commissioner of the Congolese National Police (PNC), Colonel Neneh Masavuli, on this occasion, urged the women members of YMCA-YWCA, to continue to work for the youth of the country in order to promote Christian values ​​that constitute the base of the association, adding the need for them to support the police in its many sovereign missions in general, and to preserve in particular in its department, the rights of the youth.

Ms. Masavuli also congratulated the contribution of women who take the youth supervised by « YMCA-YWCA » of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to better horizons.

The general secretary, Batty Mundhu Fetty, at the end of this activity, awarded certificates of merit to the participants in the capacity building session in appropriate technologies. ACP /