Minister Kabanda Kurhenga urges people from Kasha to disengage from armed groups


Kinshasa, May 4th, 2021 (CPA) – The new Minister in charge of National Defense and former combatants, Gilbert Kabanda Kurhunga, urged, on Sunday, the nationals of Kasha in Sud Kivu province who have joined the armed groups, to disengage to make room for peace in this region.

Minister Gilbert Kabanda made the appeal during a reception he organized in his honor at his residence and to which people from that region were invited.

“You must safeguard the reputation of Bukavu city, considered by expatriates to be the Switzerland of Africa. You must protect your province which, if we are careful, risks losing its beautiful image of yesteryear and becoming a dumping ground « , alerted my minister to all nationals of Grand Kivu province.

The Minister in charge of National Defense took this opportunity to announce the launch of an important project related to the military industry in his ministry, before asking his interlocutors to present him with a bankable project that could be of interest to the military industry, namely, high-quality inventions.

« With such a project, the inhabitants of this region will be able to have the opportunity to abandon a destructive project that is war to think of projects likely to contribute to the establishment of lasting peace in the region and to the building the country”, he stressed.

For their part, the nationals of Kasha paid a heartfelt tribute to the Head of State, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, for having appointed for the first time since the independence of DRC, one of their own to this post. They also thanked Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde for having accepted their brother to this ministerial post.

“The citizens of Kasha hope that the new Minister in charge of National Defense Kabanda, who is among the elites of DRC, will not disappoint the Head of State. They are confident that he will be up to the task”, they said.

They took this opportunity to warn anyone who dares to sully the reputation of this worthy son of the country, by passing him off as a stranger.

Minister Gilbert Kabanda is one of the best general officers in FARDC

General Gilbert Kabanda Kurhenga is one of the best general officers in DRC Armed Forces (RADC), his relatives testify.

« A great specialist in the geostrategy of conflicts in the Great Lakes, consulted by several international security organizations, Gilbert Kabanda Kurhenga is one of the best general officers in our army », they said.

A seasoned soldier, he knows the military well, having served it for over 40 years. Promoted to colonel in 1983 in the Zaire Armed Forces (FAZ), it was only in 2013 that he was elevated to the higher rank of general. Or, 30 years of unwavering patience.

Throughout his studies, say those close to him, General Gilbert Kabanda displayed exemplary morality.

« He never let any emotion shine through, always speaking with a confident voice even in tough times …” they say.

All agree that this is certainly the best choice to complete the reform of the army and give back to the Armed Forces of DRC (FARDC) their aura and come back in force.

It should also be remembered that he is also a doctor of medicine and a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN).

He did his primary and secondary education with Catholics in Bukavu before continuing at Lovanium University in Kinshasa.

He was incorporated into the Congolese army in the air force before being sent to Europe to specialize in space and aeronautical medicine.

Accredited in Space and Aeronautical Medicine, he was trained in the best academies of the USA, France, Italy and others.

Known for his patriotism and moral probity as well as his rigor, he was an officer who was feared by his subordinates but respected because of his greatness of soul and his kindness.

He is one of the founders of the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB), it is said. ACP /