Payment of three million USD in counterpart necessary for the restart of the roads project financed by BADEA


Kinshasa, May 6th, 2021 (CPA).– The payment of three million American dollars by the Congolese government is a necessity for the restart of the rehabilitation and modernization works of five arteries, in Kinshasa city, implemented within the framework of the road modernization project in Kinshasa city.

The temporary coordinator of the infrastructure unit of the Ministry in charge of Infrastructure and Public Works, Pierre Bunduki, who provided this information during an interview with a journalist from CPA, indicated that the project is co-financed by the Arab Development Bank of Africa (BADEA) to the tune of USD 8.5 million and the Congolese government to USD 5.5 million.

The three million USD sought constitutes the government’s counterpart intended for the expropriation of plots and the removal of obstacles, namely the piping of the Drinking Water Service Authority (REGIDESO) and the cables for the Company’s electrical national network (SNEL), along the avenues affected by the project. These are avenues Biangala in Lemba municipality, Bianda in Mont-Ngafula municipality, Red Cross crossing the municipalities of Barumbu and Kinshasa, Kimwenza and Kisenso.

However, the government recently disbursed 1.5 million of the five million five hundred thousand US dollars of its participation in the project.

It should be remembered that all projects co-financed by DRC and partners are still experiencing difficulties in the payment of counterpart payments from the Congolese government, it is pointed out. ACP /