The Minister in charge of EPST informed of the state of play of the organization and IT management department


Kinshasa, May 6th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Tony Mwaba Kazadi received, on Wednesday, the director of organization and IT management at EPST, Godé Eyale came inform him of the state of play of his direction, during the 3rd day of discussions with the various departments of his ministry in his office in Gombe municipality.

For Director Godé Eyale, discussions with the Minister revolved around the mission of his service, which is to provide IT tools to the directorates and services in order to facilitate the operation of each service of this ministry.

Godé Eyale also presented first the specifics of his service as well as how it works, while taking up the challenges he faces.

Long before, he had informed the Minister in charge of EPST of his management’s short, medium and long-term projects, which included the training of officials and executives of the ministry in microcomputing and the implementation of a management application attendance and mail.

Director Godé Eyale indicated that Minister Tony Mwaba insisted on setting up mail management and attendance applications to allow him to know which agents are regular at work and who are not.

Previously, the Minister in charge of EPST had received on Monday and Tuesday respectively the general secretary, the general inspector, the temporary director of SECOPE, the management committee of FPEN, a team of inspectors from IGF assigned to the office and the administrative and financial management of EPST to be explained in turn the state of play of each service and give some guidelines on the vision of the President of the Republic of free education. ACP /