The urban division of the Ministry in charge of Interior closes a workshop on birth registration in civil status in N’sele


Kinshasa, May 12th 2021 (CPA).– The head of the civil status and population office of the urban division of the Ministry in charge of Interior (DIVINTER), Me Noêl Luenda Mambwene, closed a 15-day workshop on Wednesday focused on the registration of births within the time limit (90 days), organized for Community Relays (RECO), nurses in maternity hospitals, midwives, as well as civil status and population service agents from N’sele municipality.

Me Noêl Luenda said that the objective of this session is to cover the entire process of registration of births, deaths and marriages in the municipality of N’sele, because it was noted a low rate of birth registration in that jurisdiction.

Vital statistics play an important role and enable community development, he said. Hence the need to recycle RECO in order to collect all births on time, even in the outskirts of this municipality and grant them birth certificates for babies.

He also stressed the importance of involving medical personnel in the process of registering babies and in different maternities, where there is more frequency of births.

With regard to the recommendations required from RECO and medical personnel, he urged enumerators and civil status services to demonstrate quality and synergistic work, and finally to favor birth registration in order to identify a number maximum births.

Implementation of BIDA software for rapid registration of children

In addition, the director of « Macktech » SARL » company, Leopold Katshimba Kasonga, suggested that his company specializing in the development of computer software has just set up the digital software called » Birth identity application « (BIDA) at the service civil status.

He explained that the objective of this software is to facilitate through digital, the fastest possible birth registration in order to improve the rate relating to this process within the time limit, adding that this methodology is also operational in the municipalities of Kintambo, Ngiri and N’sele.

He expressed the wish to see this initiative also extend to various civil status services in Kinshasa city in particular and in the Congolese territory, in general and soon announced the implementation of this software in the municipalities of Bandalungwa, Gombe and Kalamu.

He pleaded for the implementation of the law that promotes digitization in the administrative sector of DRC. It is with this in mind, that Mr. Noël Luenda indicated that some computers have been provided in certain maternity hospitals with a high frequency of births for the registration of babies using BIDA software. ACP/LIFE /PN