Advocacy to the Ministry in charge of the Environment for the sustainability of actions with visible impact to clean up the city of Kinshasa


Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).- The Commissioner General for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the provincial government of Kinshasa, Laetitia Bena Kabamba, pleaded for the sustainability of actions with visible impact but above all lasting so that the population can quickly join, support and take responsible actions in order to clean up the city province of Kinshasa, according to the vision of Governor Gentiny Ngobila. She made this plea on Wednesday during the hearing granted to her by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba, in her office in the commune of Gombe. According to Ms.

Laetitia Bena Kabamba, she discussed with Deputy Prime Minister Eve Bazaiba several issues related to the sector that they lead at the national and provincial levels. « In particular, we studied how the city-province of Kinshasa could be supported with regard to sanitation, in accordance with the Head of State’s program, one billion trees by 2030 », he added. They also talked about how to work on reforestation in the city of Kinshasa as part of Operation Kin-Bopeto, which consists of changing the mentalities of the Kinshasa people and cleaning up everything. « We have made arrangements to work in particular next month on Environment Day.

We are still in discussions, but it is a question of working on the two levels of reforestation and sanitation, ”she explained. For Ms. Bena, the objective of this strategy of bringing together efforts with the Ministry of the Environment is to make Kinshasa an attractive, radiant, resilient megalopolis where life is good. The Commissioner General for Environment and Sustainable Development thanked Deputy Prime Minister Eve Bazaiba for his availability and his support for this vision of making Kinshasa a clean city. « We are on the same page, » she confessed. The city province of Kinshasa needs the support of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Environment and sustainable development at this level, « Because we know that his leadership will allow us to make Kinshasa the pilot province for this kind of actions ”, underlined Laetitia Bena.

Ms. Laetitia Bena Kabamba took the opportunity to present her courtesies to Ms. Eve Bazaiba and congratulate her on her appointment as head of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. ACP/