Good behavior of copper on the international market during the week of May 17 to 22, 2021


Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).– Copper performed well on the international market during the week from May 17th to 22nd of the current year, trading at USD 10,435.20 (ten thousand four hundred and thirty-five dollars, twenty cents) per metric ton versus USD 9,968.10 (nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty-eight dollars, ten cents) per ton during the week of May 10 to 15 of the same year, indicates the trend of the base values ​​of merchant mining products in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Trade received Friday at the CPA.

The same source Zinc, Tin, Gold and Silver also saw price increases in the international market during the period under review. These products are trading respectively at USD 2,983.80 (two thousand, nine hundred and eighty-three dollars and eighty cents) against USD 2,926.20 (two thousand nine hundred and twenty-six dollars and twenty cents); USD 33,645.20 (thirty-three thousand six hundred and forty-five dollars, twenty cents) against USD 32,191.60 (thirty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-one dollars and sixty cents); USD 58.96 (fifty-eight dollars and ninety-six cents) against USD 57.66 (fifty-seven dollars and sixty-six cents) USD and USD 0.89 (eighty-nine cents) against USD 0.86 (four- twenty-six cents). Tantalum, meanwhile, remained stable in the market, trading at USD 226,000 (two hundred and twenty-six thousand. In the same period, cobalt experienced a decline after that of the week from May 10th to 15th, trading at USD 44,970 (forty-four thousand nine hundred and seventy) against USD 45,586 (forty-five thousand five hundred and four – twenty-six). ACP/