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Minister of State in charge of the Portfolio concerned about the renovation of hotel companies

Kinshasa- May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).The Minister of State, Minister of Portfolio, Adèle Kayinda Mahina, met Thursday in her office with the Presidents of the boards of directors (PCA) and the managing directors (ADG) of the major hotels and a delegation from the Congo-Europe Chamber of Commerce, on the renovation of hotel companies in Congo, so that they meet international standards in this area.

To this end, the Minister of State, Minister of Portfolio reassured her interlocutors of her support in this initiative, before announcing the establishment of a Joint Portfolio-Chamber of Commerce-Large Hotels Commission in order to deepen the question.

“As you have just said, my ministry will accompany you in the realization of the principles which you have raised through a mixed Commission namely, Chamber of commerce-large hotels of Congo and ministry of the Portfolio. It is a question of deepening the measures raised so that we can agree on a common project. Thank you because in you, I felt the patriotic feeling, we said TIME, it is our best ally and not our enemy who will be there for good governance”, declared Adèle Kayinda Mahina. In the second hearing granted on the same Thursday, the Minister of State spoke with the Belgian Ambassador to the DRC, Jo Indekeu. The two personalities shared about the companies in the Portfolio that are of interest to the Kingdom of Belgium. « I have come to congratulate the new Minister of the Portfolio on her appointment within the government and to know the priorities of her program in relation to the companies of the Portfolio, in particular the companies which are of particular interest to Belgium, financed by Belgians and those where it has participations. We would like to know what Madam Minister’s plans are in relation to these companies, to know their needs with regard to investment, their development and to have a fair business climate and legal and judicial security.

Belgium would also like the intentions of the co-shareholders and the Congolese state,”the ambassador said. In connection with the reaction to Belgium’s concerns, the diplomat said that the Minister of State and Minister of Portfolio was positive and committed thus reassuring investors. ACP/

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