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Robusta coffee on the rise on the international market the week from May 17th to 22nd, 2021

Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).– Robusta coffee has seen a rise in price on the international market during the week from May 17th to 22nd  of the current year by trading at USD 1.51 (one dollar fifty- one cents) the week from May 17th -22nd of the year versus USD 1.45 (one dollar, forty-five cents) the week from May 10th -15th of the same year, shows trends in commodity base values agricultural and forestry menus in a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Trade received Friday at the CPA.

According to this source, the kilogram of products such as Arabica coffee, cocoa, rubber, papain, cinchona bark, totaquina powder, quinine salt and Rauwolfia remained stable during the period under review by trading at USD 2.39 (two dollars, thirty-nine cents), USD 1.24 (one dollar, twenty-four cents, USD 0.89 (eighty-nine cents), USD 14.59 ( fourteen dollars, fifty-nine cents), USD, 1.59 (one dollar and fifty-nine cents), USD 49.80 (forty-nine dollars, eighty cents, USD 84, 66 (eighty-four, sixty six hundred and USD 1.41 (one dollar, forty-one cents). ACP/

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