State of siege: the FARDC warn civil society actors in the far North about their communications


Beni, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).- The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) have warned civil society actors in the far North about their media outings or public communications that are likely to put in question the efforts aimed at by the state of siege to put an end to the massacres in the region of Beni. Lieutenant Antony Mwaluchay, spokesperson for OPS1, pointed it out last weekend to journalists in Butembo, reacting to the alert from civil society in the Bashu chiefdom that it was the presence of armed men in the pastures in the Grabens. These armed people steal the rural produce of civilians who have fled, said the president of civil society of the Isale Bulambo group, Moïse Kiputulu, who stressed that the FARDC are not informed of the nature of this group. The spokesperson for the OPS1 called on civil society leaders to go through official channels before any public communication lest they fall into errors that could lead the populations to a hopeless displacement. « In this period of siege, you must refrain from launching communications without going through official sources, » said the spokesperson for Ops1, while calling on the population to remain vigilant to any movement. According to Mr. Moïse Kitulu, armed men accompanied by several cows have burst into the Graben and are engaged in the theft of rural products from the populations who have plagued the pangs of war in the region. He asked the security services to look quickly and come and launch large-scale siege-style operations before it was too late. ACP/