The professionals of the pen and the microphone at the school of knowledge on the role of the media in Bandundu


Bandundu, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).– Professional writing and microphone from various media outlets working in Bandundu, in the capital of Kwilu province, benefited last Wednesday from knowledge on the role of media in the consolidation of transparent and efficient institutions in the DRC, during a workshop organized by the NGO Observatory for Press Freedom in Africa (OLPA). Ms. Chancelle Nsingi Bamenga, representative of OLPA who circumcised the activity, let it be said that this forum, which was part of the project « strengthening the capacities of independent media in the DRC » with the support of the National Foundation for net democracy, consisted in an exchange and sharing of ideas and experiences in order to generate a debate on the contribution of the media of Kwilu. A view of the workshop organizers The head of the OLPA delegation, Kabongo Mbuyi, indicated that these meetings aimed to awaken the consciousness of the media for a change in their behavior in the context of supporting populations in citizen control, in all responsibility and professionalism. , in order to bring elected officials closer to their constituents. He also placed an emphasis on ethics and professional conduct. « Impact of local media on the functioning of provincial institutions and the behavior of political actors in the province of Kwilu »; « Assessment of the media coverage of the 2018 elections and of the work of the independent press in Kwilu, since the event of the new institutions: lessons to be learned » and « citizen control and the contribution of the Kwilu media in supporting the population « , are the modules which were developed respectively by the provincial minister in charge of Communication and media of Kwilu, Me. Zéphirin Muma, the provincial president of the UNPC / Kwilu, Joachim Mundia and the vice-president of the framework of consultation of civil society in Kwilu, Placide Mukwa. Previously, the provincial minister Muma praised the initiative of the NGO OLPA in supporting the provincial and national government, provincial institutions as well as the local media which are in turn called to support the provincial government for the well-being. of the population of Kwilu. ACP/