Conflicts of internal boundaries in the territory of Bukama


Bukama, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).-  Limits conflicts between certain chiefdoms of the territory of Bukama and those of other territories of Haut-Lomami persist without the provincial and national authorities providing definitive solutions despite several reports presented by the territorial authorities of this province. These conflicts, the CPA learned on Friday, oppose the Kinkondja chiefdom (Bukama) to those of Kayumba in the territory of Malemba Nkulu and Kabongo, in the territory of Kabongo; the chiefdom of Kibanda (Bukama) to that of Mazangule in Lubudi territory in Lualaba province. Conflicts also exist between the chiefdoms within the same territory of Bukama which, often, are at the base of the clashes between the respective subjects of the customary chiefs. Other conflicts between the Butumba and Kibanda chiefdoms; Kinkondja and Butumba; Kabondo and Kapamayi; the Lualaba sector and the Kibanda chiefdom as well as that which opposes the city of Bukama to the Kotoko grouping of the Lualaba sector. ACP/