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Les Anges currywort Diallo Sport (4-0) at EUFKIN-Kilimani

Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA) .– TP Les Anges crushed FC Diallo Sport with a clear score of 4-0, Friday at Ocal field, in the town of Lingwala, on behalf of the 38th day of the championship Division II of the Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Kilimani. The winning team’s goals were scored by Mokwala (20th from penalty, 44th), Elengi Kolowo (40th, 56th). At Adjutant Kangala Ground in Bandalungwa, FC Socodam lost to CK Sport by a 4-2 score. TP’s Mokwala Japlet Angels at the top of the division II scorers’ standings TP Les Anges center-forward Mokwala Joplet, with 15 goals scored, leads the scorers’ standings in the EUFKIN-Kilimani Division II Championship. He is followed by Awazi Huseni of FC Holario with 12 goals. The standings after Matchday 32 are as follows: 15 goals: Mokwala Joplet (Les Anges); 12 goals: Awazi Huseni (Holario), Mupedi Kisupa (Mechelen); 10 goals: Omoyi Alowaa (LSK Sport), Elengi Kolowo (Les Anges), Mania Jacques (Eliot). New Diamant outclasses Inter Club de Lingwala (4-2) in division III / B The SC New Diamant outclassed Inter Club de Lingwala by a score of 4-2, Friday at the ground of the Provincial General Hospital of Reference of Kinshasa, in match of the 32nd day of the championship of division III pool B. In the first meeting, New Kanunga lost by forfeit their match against FC KBG Stars (0-3). At Colonel Mbaki field in Barumbu, FC Martelie defeated FC Dynakin by 4-1 and the New Jouvence-TP Malata match ended by 4-4. Below are the other results of the same day: AS Ka- Univers FCA 0-3ff, Oriont-Matete 1-2, Amazone-Mani Saint 3-0. KBG Stars at the top of the classification of the championship of division III group B FC KBG Stars, with 71 points, lead the standings in the EUFKIN-Kilimani Group III Pool B Championship. He is followed by FC Marseille 70 points in as many games. The classification at the end of the 32nd day is established as follows: KBG Stars 71 points, Marseille 70 pts, Mani Saint 69 pts, New Kanunga 68 pts, Inter Club de Lingwala 65 pts, New Vainqueur 62 pts, Les Stars et Martelie 54 points, Oriont 51 pts, Tregim 44 pts, Malata and Matete 41 points, Dynakin and AS KA 38 points, Saint OPaul 34 pts, Amazone 28 pts, Unvivers FCA 19 pts, New Jouvence 18 pts, New Diamant 7 pts, Inter Kinshasa Club 1 point. Tregim welcomes New Diamant on Saturday in division III / B The Tregim will host the SC New Diamant, Saturday at the ground of the Provincial General Hospital of Reference of Kinshasa, in match of the 33rd day of the championship of division III group B. In second explanation, the FC Dynakin will receive New Vainqueur and the RC Matete will match FC Martelie. At Ocal pitch in Lingwala, FC KBG Stars will face off against FC Oriont, while Mani Saint will cross swords with New Kanunga. The schedule of matches for the same day is as follows: field of the Technical School of Gombe at 8:30 am FCA-Amazon Universe, 10:30 am Malata-AS KA, 1:30 pm Saint Paul-New Jouvence; Colonel Mbaki field in Barumbu at 8:30 am Marseille-Les Stars, 10:30 am Inter Club de Lingwala-Inter Club de Kinshasa. ACP/

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