LINAFOOT Ligue 2 : Makila from Kikwit bows to MK from Kinshasa (0-1)


Kikwit, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA) .- FC Makila of Kikwit lost to FC MK of Kinshasa by the score of 0-1, Wednesday at the June 30 stadium, in the commune of Lukolela, in Kikwit, in match of the cham

The only goal of the game came from Luyeye (44th). Previously, Kungu Pemba from Kikwit took over Real from Kinshasa, beaten by 3-1. Diki (7th) and Pandakuziku, who scored twice (23rd, 52nd) were the fireworks of Kungu Pemba, while Kasangana (85th) saved the honor for Real of Kinshasa. ACP/