MAG Church invites the Congolese people to the “noon in prayer” program for nation building


Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).- The Church Mission apostolic Golgotha ​​(MAP) through its visionary Pastor Dédé N’landu on Friday invited the Congolese population to participate in the “noon in prayer” program to accompany the Church of Congo to make available to society Christians with religious, moral and social values. Pastor Dédé N’landu let it be known on Friday at the end of the seminar « saturated with his presence », as part of a year of said program, organized from 17 to 21 online at the MAG church in the town of Kasa-Vubu. According to him, the Church of Congo has a big role to play because it must be the partner of the State in the strengthening of civicism and religious values ​​to fight against anti-values ​​and promote the Gospel of the Lord who created us in his image and likeness. “The Church constitutes a framework for strengthening both spiritual and civic values ​​as long as the Congolese population is predominantly Christian. We invite the Congolese in general and the Kinshasa people in particular to register for this program recommended by God, which is a ministry bringing together several churches, to intercede both for the nation and for the life of each and everyone as well as for a change of mentality ” , he declared Pastor Dédé N’Landu. On the sidelines of one year of this program, radio broadcasts were organized and several pastors from other churches intervened namely: Pastor Athoms Mbuma, Pastor Flarin Kanto, Sister Dena Muana, Pastor Annie Kondo as well as Prophet Jo thanks Mwenze, we say. ACP/