Parents recommended to set up children’s libraries at home Documentary filmmaker Fifi Carine Lukusa


Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).- Documentary filmmaker Fifi Carine Lukusa encouraged Congolese parents to set up libraries for children at home, in particular to promote the culture of books and documentation, in this era of digital, during an interview with the CPA on Friday. She recommended that parents get involved in this process in order to circumvent the weaknesses of the new information and communication technologies currently criticized with regard to the education of children, like the ease, passivity, cheating or access to compromising information. While recognizing the financial realities that are imposed on this approach, Fifi Carine Lukusa also recommends that they update take advantage of free basic education to reinforce their children with educational textbooks, since this free education promotes financial relief for parents. These libraries should include, in addition to textbooks, novels appropriate to their age, magazines related to various fields, comics, newspapers, and other written materials, which help beneficiaries to cultivate themselves under the supervision of parents, he listed. In addition to children’s home libraries, parents should register their children with libraries in the capital, in order to recharge their batteries and learn more about themselves, Lukusa said, adding to this the provision of toys and videos that can be used. develop in them a creative spirit. With a degree in visual communication from the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Kinshasa (ABA), Fifi Lukusa is a documentary maker, filmmaker and journalist by profession. She is also a member of the “Generation Zero ABA” structure which works for the respect of children’s rights in the DRC. ACP/