Several women leaders and leaders of NGOs sensitized on human trafficking


Kinshasa, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA) .- The Agency for the Prevention of the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons (APLTP) organized Thursday in Kinshasa, with the financial support of USAID and the technical assistance of IOM a workshop for women leaders and leaders of civil society organizations in order to sensitize them on the concepts of human trafficking. On this occasion, the coordinator of this structure, Cécile Meta focused her intervention on the operating methods and forms of trafficking before justifying the choice of participants based on their ability to pass the information on to the population. For his part, Dr Ely Telo, technical advisor to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the fight against trafficking in persons explained the causes, the different manifestations, the consequences of human trafficking and its prevention. Speaking of the different forms that trafficking can take in the DRC. The speaker mentioned in particular the forced begging of children and sexual exploitation. It is mainly women who are victims of trafficking. Regarding the causes of human trafficking in the world and in the DRC, he pointed to poverty and the lack of social protections which lead to the situation of vulnerability. At the end of the work, the participants made a commitment to sensitize the population on the variants of human trafficking so that everyone makes this fight a personal matter. It should be remembered that the agency that was created by the Presidency of the Republic has an important role to play in terms of coordinating the players in the struggle. ACP/