South Kivu: a one-month moratorium granted to drivers for the payment of on-board documents


Bukavu, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).– Motorcyclists from Bukavu organized a demonstration last Wednesday to protest against the closure triggered by the provincial Minister of Transport and Communication, Swedi Basila, for non-payment of on-board documents. Drivers of vehicles and motorcycles, who say they are not notified, have also challenged the price of the license plate which is set at USD 40 in Bukavu while in Goma in North Kivu it is USD 25. They also denounced the exorbitant price of a driver’s license set at USD 20 in Bukavu while in Goma it is 15 USD. Provincial Minister Swedi Basila, after consultation with these drivers, granted a one-month moratorium to allow them to pay for all on-board documents before the resumption of the closure operation. ACP/