The Minister of Health concerned about the care of people affected by leprosy in the DRC


Kinshasa, May 21, 2021 (ACP) .- The Minister of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention, Dr Jean-Jacques Mbungani expressed concern about the care of people affected by leprosy in the DRC. Dr. Mbungani expressed this concern during a hearing granted Thursday, in his office in Kinshasa, to Ms. Sandra Dongo, Coordinator of the organization of people affected by leprosy in Congo, OPALCO in acronym. This local organization came to present to Minister Mbungani its wishes regarding the care of people suffering from this disease throughout the national territory. Studies have shown that most of the patients who suffer from leprosy are people with disabilities. This situation confronts them with several difficulties with regard to their treatment and especially their care. “We explained to the Minister of Health our difficulties in terms of access to health care. We especially insisted on the discrimination of which lepers are victims in the DRC. And yet our treatment is very different and specific,”she said. »Many of the patients, across the country, feel discriminated against and want the involvement of the government through the Ministry of Health, Hygiene and Prevention in order to respond to our cries of alarm, » she said. . In addition, the OPALCO Coordinator said she was very satisfied with this meeting with the number 1 in Public Health. “Minister Jean-Jacques Mbungani took the trouble to listen to us. His words reassured us a lot and sparked a ray of hope. We believe that the Congolese lepers will have a favorable result in the very next days ”, underlined Ms. Dongo. Created on February 15th, 2017, OPALCO is a Kinshasa-based non-governmental organization working for the fight against leprosy in the DRC. The structure works with the support of various international partners such as TLM Congo (The Leprosy Mission), Action Damien and others. ACP/