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World Bee Day celebrated in Kenge

Kenge, May 22nd, 2021 (CPA).The rector of the University of Kwango (UNIK), Prof. Jean-Chrysostome Akenda, has indicated that the bee constitutes the essential lever of the ecosystem and plays an important role in colonization, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the environment, on the occasion of World Bee Day celebrated on May 20 of each year. On this occasion, a conference of reflection and exchange on the bee was organized last Thursday in Kenge in this university institution with the financial support of the students of the agronomy faculty of this public institution, of the students coming from the ‘ISTA / Kinshasa, IBI Village and other stakeholders from different regions. Family photo of the participants The head of work Sylvestre Kuyungana who deplored the way in which the bee is neglected, stressed that he could not remain indifferent when biodiversity is threatened, considering that it is our duty to protect these bees which make enormous services to human beings. « Together, we will rescue the bees, » he added. For her part, the dean of the faculty of agronomic sciences and natural resource management, Prof. Lyna Mukwa Fwamatongo, informed that the day of the bee celebrated on May 20th of each year in particular beekeeping which is a field of agronomy, is disappearing today while it plays an important role in food health and in human life and in agricultural production. To believe it, the bush fires, the destruction of forests and all unsuitable practices make these bees disappear. It has, moreover, made the whole community aware of the protection of the environment and particularly of the bee. For her, without these bees, there will be no food, even less agricultural production and humans will starve. Prof. Lyna Mukwa Fwamatongo also congratulated the student organizers of what the bee has helped to raise awareness of the population, congratulating some students who have undertaken the production of honey which is important in the fight against poison. She indicated that the vision of her faculty is to train young entrepreneurs and not job seekers, and she will play the role of serving the community. Previously the 2nd degree student in agronomy, Chrispin Nkiba who practices beekeeping in Mabaka village in Kenge territory, had shared an experience acquired during an internship at IBI village which, according to him, had motivated him to practice beekeeping for which he has become one of the leading models of UNIK students. He is currently a producer and seller of honey in the town of Kenge. ACP/

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