Eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano: gradual return of residents to the city of Goma


Goma, May 23th, 2021 (CPA).- Residents who left their homes after the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano began to gradually return to their homes in the city of Goma, the CPA noted on Sunday morning. Massive return movements can be observed in particular from the Goma-Sake axis where several people have taken refuge. According to local sources, several people reached the city of Sake either by vehicles, motorcycles and others on foot. On this road that connects North Kivu to South Kivu, two people were killed in a traffic accident, a truck having overturned the night from Saturday to Sunday. This assessment was confirmed by the military governor of North Kivu, Lieutenant-General Constant Ndima Kongba, speaking on the airwaves of RTNC, a station in the province of North Kivu. Return of 7,000 Congolese who have found refuge in Gisenyi-Rwanda In addition, the provincial authority announced the gradual return of the 7,000 Congolese who found refuge in the Rwandan town of Gisenyi. These people were able to cross the Rwandan border after a moment’s hesitation of the host country. Rwanda and the DRC share a long land border and the towns of Goma and Gisenyi rub shoulders on a daily basis through two border posts, namely, the “Grande” and the “Petite Barrière”. This return of the people of Goma comes before the lava has cooled because the Congolese want to stay at home rather than live elsewhere. Risk of eruption at international airport, OVG scientists say The military governor Constant Ndima also reported a fissure presenting a danger at the level of the international airport of Goma where a risk of eruption is to be feared, the scientists of the Volcanic Observatory of Goma (OVG). In this regard, he recommended extreme caution to residents living in this area. This caution is recommended to all those wishing to return to the localities of the Nyiragongo territory which have been partially devastated by the lava flow. According to scientists from the Goma Volcanological Observatory (OVG), when it erupted, the Nyiragongo volcano poured its lava in two directions. The first was flowing at full speed, crossing crop fields until it reached neighboring Rwanda. The second, which was going at very low speed, headed for the city of Goma without reaching this megalopolis. She thus crossed the localities of Munigi, Kasenyi and Rusayo to fall in Buhene. Witnesses contacted by the CPA in the region report two elderly people who were reported to have died charred in their homes. It should be noted that at the appearance of the fluorescent color, the coordinator of the Civil Protection service in North Kivu, Joseph Makundi had recommended to the inhabitants of the Sake axis as being the main evacuation site as well as the whole part. West of the city of Goma. The last eruption of the Nyirangongo volcano dates back to January 17, 2002, it is recalled. ACP/