The economic recovery project of Greater Ecuador presented to the High Representative of the Head of State


Kinshasa, May 23, 2021 (ACP).- A delegation of political leaders from Greater Equator, made up of governors Bobo Boloko, Pancrace Boongo and Jean-Claude Mabenze as well as political leader Jean Lucien Bussa Tongba, presented the economic recovery project of his country to the High Representative and Special Envoy of the Head of State, Kitenge Yesu, during an audience he granted him on Friday, in his cabinet in Kinshasa. According to Governor Jean-Claude Mabenze, the interview revolved around the development of Grand Ecuador and the support of the Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo in his economic recovery project in this part of the Republic. Kitenge Yesu, he added, assured these leaders of the Great Equator, determined for an effective take-off in particular of agricultural activities, that he will bring their message and wishes to the President of the Republic. Bobo Boloko Bolumbu, Pancrace Boongo and Jean-Claude Mabenze are respectively governors of the provinces of Equateur, Tshuapa and South Ubangi. ACP/