A compromise between the government and operators of the air transport sector on the price of plane tickets


Kinshasa, May 29th, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister of National Economy, Jean Marie Kalumba Yuma found an understanding on Thursday, after two weeks of discussion in Kinshasa, with operators of the air transport sector for the reduction in ticket prices plane, learned Friday the CPA of the said ministry. The Minister of the Economy Jean-Marie Kalumba surrounded by operators of the air transport sector. According to the source, Minister Jean-Marie Kalumba and the heads of the aviation companies have agreed to set in the next few days the new prices for plane tickets for domestic flights which will be sanctioned by a ministerial decree.

This agreement was made after consultation at the level of the government for the rationalization of fiscal and parafiscal levies in the new tariff schedule. At the end of this meeting, notes the source, Norbert Sengamali and Ms. Gueda Yav, respectively president of the committee of air carriers at the Federation of enterprises of Congo (FEC) and the general manager of the company MWANT jet welcomed this compromise which get everyone to agree. As an indication, the Kinshasa-Kisangani ticket will experience a discount of 340 to 192 US dollars and that of Kinshasa Kindu 185 US dollars instead of 300 US dollars.

“I am not disappointed, on the contrary, I am rather encouraged to see that we have obtained promises. We will be able to improve our price and better serve passengers across the Republic and those most distant. We took into account the specificities of each plane, each destination, so it will be something positive that will emerge. It wasn’t wasted time. With the promises we have been given, in particular on certain costs that can be reduced, precisely the government’s intervention on certain taxes and fuel as well as its availability inside the country, which penalizes us for the pricing of our tickets, ”Ms. Gueda Yav said. ACP/Fng/nig