A Congolese elected to the Human Rights Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union


Kinshasa May 29, 2021 (ACP).- National MP Boris Mbuku Laka of the Democratic Republic of Congo was elected member of the Human Rights Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) during the 142nd session of the IPU held from May 26 to 27, 2021 by video conference, the CPA learned on Friday from sources close to the lower house of the Congolese Parliament. The person who took part in this work alongside Jean-Marc Kabund, First Vice-President of the National Assembly said: “It is the members of this committee who defend the rights of parliamentarians around the world. The committee is made up of ten members from around the world, ie two members per continent. And so an election had been held obviously online, and several candidates were running, and we applied regularly, we also campaigned online and we were elected. We were chosen by 96 countries, they chose us. We are now members of the IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians, which sits in Geneva for a five-year term ”.

Boris Mbuku, elected official from Idiofa territory in Kwilu province said he already knows the responsibility that awaits him in this post. “It is during this work of the Inter-Parliamentary Union that we will deal with issues related to the violation of the rights of parliamentarians. Throughout the world, it often happens that parliamentarians, deputies or senators are victims of arbitrary arrests, of all kinds of human rights violations. And those who deal with all these issues obviously around the world are the members of the committee on the human rights of parliamentarians. And this committee works, it has its headquarters in Geneva and holds three sessions a year,”he said. The IPU is a global organization of national parliaments. It gives parliaments of sovereign states and parliamentarians the means to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development. It was created in 1889 and is the oldest of the international intergovernmental institutions. ACP/Fng/nig