EUFKIN-Kilimani: Turbo laminate Boursa (5-0) in division III / A


Kinshasa, May 29th, 2021 (CPA).- FC Turbo defeated FC Boursa on the final score of 5-0, Thursday at the Adjudant Kangala field, in the town of Bandalungwa, in a match of the 34th day of the division championship III group A of the Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Kilimani.

The five goals of the game were scored by Mungulu (24th, 30th from penalty, 44th) and Mukumani (70th, 84th) for Turbo.

In the first place, El Hali won his match by forfeit (3-0) in front of God Win Team.

At Ocal pitch in Lingwala, Ciero FC lost their game by forfeit (0-3a, while FC Plamedi outscored AS HHA by 3-0. Below are the other results recorded from the same day: Real SCK-JOBC 0-1 and Kamicat-Nzila 2-0. EFA at the top of the division III / A ranking EFA, with 81 points in 34 outings, is at the top of the classification of the Division III group A championship of the Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Kilimani.

He is followed by FC Amalia 79 points in as many games.

The classification at the end of the 34th day is established as follows: EFA 81 points, Amalia 79 pts, Plamedi 71 pts, HHA 70 and JOBC 70 points, System 59 pts, Turbo and Acolyta 54 points, El Hali 51 pts, Aviseck 49 pts, Patronage 48 pts, God Win Team 47 pts, Boursa and Tonga Moto 38 points, Ciero 32 pts, Real SCK and Winner 28 points, Nzila 11 pts, Kamicat 7 points.

Iyoko Bofonda d´Amalia in division III / A

FC Amalia’s center forward Iyoko Bofonda, with 21 goals scored, is the top scorer in the Division III Pool A championship. He is followed by Luwingu Djeffy of FC Systeme, with 20 goals. The classification at the end of the 28th day is as follows: Iyoko Bonfonda (Amalia) 21 goals, Luwingu Djeffy (System) 20 goals, Isinga Archple (Aviseck) 18 goals, Mutela Kiala (EFA) and Vuci Ukumu (EFA) 16 goals, Kamanganga Ndombasi (El Hali) 14 goals, Kabam Dolphin (HHA) 13 goals, Tshimanga Mujinga (God Win Team) 11 goals, Mbuyi Ilunga (Plamedi) 10 goals. ACP/Fng/nig