Kasaï Central: learning a trade recommended for young people


Kananga, May 29th, 2021 (CPA).- The Provincial Director of Vocational Training and Trades, Paul Kasonga Shiyayiku, recently invited the CPA parents to send their children to vocational training centers. Apprenticeship on the job enables young people to create jobs themselves with a view to their empowerment, he explained on the occasion. These are trades such as carpentry, masonry, electricity, automotive mechanics, cutting and sewing, plumbing, soap making and many other industries.

According to him, the high rate of unemployment in the province is the consequence of poor orientation of young people in secondary schools and other institutions of higher and university education. He encouraged the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity through vocational training, with a view to combating juvenile delinquency, theft and so many other anti-values ​​which plague society for lack of a profession for self-reliance. ACP/Fng/nig