Lemba: Burgomaster Jean Nsaka dismantles an uncivilist house on Kimafiki Avenue


Kinshasa, May 29th, 2021 (CPA).– The burgomaster of the commune of Lemba, Jean Nsaka, accompanied by elements of the Police of his municipalities, dismantled, on Friday, a house of refuge for incivics commonly called « Kuluna », who disturb the order, during a descent on Kimafiki Avenue, in the Gombele district, in this jurisdiction. The municipal authority declared that these “kulunas” have recently resumed with their acts of vandalism, which worry the tranquility of the population. “Reason why we went down to their place of refuge to arrest them. There, we found only one of them with drugs and bottles of “Aguene drinks” (traditional alcohol),”he said. Mr. Nsaka, on this occasion, ordered the immediate destruction of this house housing these “Kuluna” and asked his constituents to collaborate with the police, while denouncing them. He also reiterated his message to those in charge of the commercial houses, relating to the sanitation works, particularly by the embellishment of the storefronts and the maintenance of the gutters every day, before asking the population to denounce the manufacturing houses of water in sachet. ACP/Fng/nig