Members of the new AFE / CPA committee called on to use their managerial capacities in order to support the CPA leaders


Kinshasa, May 29th, 2021 (CPA).- The Director of Human Resources, Ms. Lucie Bokeme Kinziunga, on Friday called on the members of the new committee of the Women’s Association of the Congolese Press Agency (AFE / CPA) to update take advantage of their managerial capacities in favor of the leaders of the CPA including the President of the Board of Directors, Nicole Dimbambu, and the Director General, Lambert Kaboyi, in order to carry higher the banner of the woman of this press house. Ms. Bokeme thus spoke at the double ceremony of installation of the new committee of the AFE / CPA and closing of the month of the woman organized in the conference room of the CPA.

She indicated that this association is a place of predilection which allows the women of this Agency to forge fraternal and friendly bonds with her peers and to sharpen her awareness of determination to develop her professional capacities in front of her male colleagues. She explained to her interlocutors that « this feminine structure is not a » Moziki « (a club of girlfriends), but under the leadership of her committee, she teaches its members, through assemblies, conferences and meetings. interprofessional organizations to make their voice heard and above all to prove that the woman of the CPA is not a weather vane that has turned her around ”. She urged AFE /CPA members to continue to maintain the climate of harmony and trust among themselves for fruitful relations.

The new president of AFE / CPA, Ms. Elsa Indombe, on this occasion, indicated that she has always had a critical eye and an attentive ear to the image of women in society in general and to the CPA in particular. Thus, the fight for the promotion and defense of women’s rights has always been her hobbyhorse. Her wish is to make women not only competent, but also competitive at the level of different decision-making positions.

The outgoing vice-president of this association, Ms. Bernadette Bondoyi, for her part, informed that during their mandate, several achievements were made, in particular the presentation of prizes to the honorary presidents of this association and of diplomas of merit to the best producers of the two departments (drafting and administration) while respecting parity. ACP/Fng/nig