Ministers Antoinette Kipulu and Cherubin Okende visit the site of the future vocational training center


Kinshasa, May 29th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Vocational Training and Trades, Antoinette Kipulu and her colleague from Transport and communication routes, Cherubin Okende, visited, on Thursday, the site located in the enclosure of the general secretariat of the Ministry of Transport and communication routes, where the vocational training and apprenticeship center will be set up as part of the “Kin employment project”, in the municipality of Barumbu. »This project is of capital importance in the supervision of young people to guide them in the apprenticeship of trades, » said Minister of Vocational Training and Trades, Antoinette Kipulu, adding that it will allow the government to reduce the rate of urban banditry and the youth to make themselves useful in society. « The question of youth remains essential, » he stressed. Antoinette Kipulu expressed her desire to see the project materialize as soon as possible in order to meet the needs of the Congolese population, within the framework of professional training. According to a source from the Ministry of Vocational Training, the implementation of the project of the realization of some prerequisites namely the arrangement, in collaboration with the Airways Authority (RVA), of the land where the building will be erected, the realization of the model of the work and the study of the soil and of the feasibility studies, « Kin emploi », it is recalled, is a project which falls within the framework of the implementation of the strategic axes of the indicative program of cooperation 2010-2013 and the government’s 2014-2015 program. This professional training support program, funded by the Belgian Technical Cooperation Service, aims to contribute to economic and inclusive development through the professional integration of young people and especially young Congolese women in the city of Kinshasa, we remind. ACp/Fng/nig