New head of erosion threatened in Kindele


Kinshasa May 29th, 2021 (CPA).- The population of the Plateau II district in the Kindele locality in Mont-Ngafula is threatened by a new head of erosion on the road separating the Kimbondo district and the Cogelos locality.

Speaking to the press, Deputy Warden David Mayombo said this follows a torrential rain on the morning of Monday March 15th, 2021 that caused this erosion. Faced with this disintegration, the inhabitants of this area are facing an increase in the price of basic goods, transport difficulties and a lack of drinking water.

Other problems to report, students, passers-by and motorcyclists scramble their way through neighboring plots to reach their destination. Houses almost washed away, which caused the displacement of several inhabitants. It should be noted that this population of Kindele is already living an alarming situation which lasts for 5 years. ACP/Fng/nig