New office managers take office at Kwango


Kenge, May 28, 2021 (ACP).– The Heads of Offices assigned to the Kwango Provincial Fishing and Breeding Division took up their duties recently during a working session organized in the presence of the provincial authorities.

Barthélémy Ndenge, who installed them, recalled the mission of these services in the fight against nutritional and food insecurity as well as that of contributing to the reduction of poverty among the population. He also urged this promoted to take a single direction and never to divert the mission entrusted to them by the nation in general and the Kwango in particular.

He also thanked the former Minister of Fisheries and Breeding, Janathan Bialosuka Wata who has provided all the provincial divisions of 26 provinces with senior executives directing the various divisions of fishing and breeding across the country. For his part, the Provincial Secretary of Public Administration of Kwango, Jérôme Makambo Koetina Zelita, considered this installation beneficial, which, according to him is the first in Kwango, inviting the new heads of offices to respect the laws and regulations of the administration, in this case the law establishing the status of public officials of the State. The head of the Kibunda sector office, Ir. AugudaKitadi M’nongo, noted the road difficulties to which they are subjected in the Kwango despite its large area of ​​89.974Km2, inviting the provincial authorities to report it to the hierarchy. Each of them received work kits including boots, raincoats, administrative documents and overalls, it is reported. ACP/Fng/nig