J.M Sama Lukonde welcomes the Minister’s efforts on banking real estate transactions


Kinshasa, May 31st, 2021 (CPA).- The Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, welcomed, on Friday, the efforts made by the Minister of Land Affairs, Aimé Sakombi Molendo, on the mobilization of public revenue through the banking of all real estate transactions, during the meeting of the Council of Ministers chaired in conference vision by the Head of State, Félix Tshisekedi, specified the spokesperson of the Government, Patrick Muyaya in the report of the Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister Sama Lukonde who also praised the efforts made by the Minister of Urban Planning and Housing Pius Mwabilu for the same efforts, invited other members of the government to follow suit.

The Minister of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi, announced, following the exhortation of the Prime Minister made to members of the Government during the previous meeting on the primary objective of mobilizing public revenue, the signing of an interministerial decree for the banking of all real estate transactions.

This decree, continued Minister Nicolas Kazadi, was signed thanks to the Minister of Land Affairs, Aimé Sakombi Molendo, who is the initiator.

For his part, the Minister of State in charge of the Budget, Aimé Boji Sangara, supporting his colleague from Finance, insisted, during this Council of Ministers, on the need to restore the credibility of the State Budget and ‘make it a real development tool.

As a reminder, the Minister of Land Affairs, Aimé Sakombi Molendo, had recently sent a circular note to the Administration under his supervision, relating to the actions expected from the land sector within the framework of the Sama Lukonde Government’s program.

In this note, Aimé Sakombi Molendo reminds curators of real estate titles, heads of cadastre divisions and heads of offices, the provisions making compulsory the banking of any real estate transaction exceeding 10,000 US dollars.

« I also noticed that, despite the signing of the deeds of engagement, some CTI and CDC have not renounced their old practices which cast shame on the entire Land Administration, » said the Minister in charge of Land Affairs.

It should also be noted that the Minister of Land Affairs, Aimé Sakombi Molendo, is among the 10 members of the Ilunga Ilunkamba government who have been renewed in the « Warriors » team led by Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde.

During his first mandate, Aimé Sakombi Molendo, a member of Vital Kamerhe’s Union for the Nation (UNC), stood out with a rebound in public revenue mobilized by the land administration.

Aimé Sakombi Molendo proposed and obtained the opening of an escrow account to manage the mortgage costs, which made it possible to put an end to the anarchy at the base of the huge losses of the revenue of the Public Treasury, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.