The Minister of Industry extends his stay in Goma to monitor actions


Goma, May 31st, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister of Industry, Mr. Julien Paluku Kahongya, arrived in Goma the day after the eruption in the delegation dispatched by the central Government, extends his mission, on the instruction of the High Hierarchy, to monitor developments on the ground of the situation relating to the volcanic eruption, which occurred on May 22.

According to Julien Paluku, this decision to stay at the scene of the tragedy will serve as a relay between the central and provincial government as well as the experts from the Volcanological Observatory of Goma and to follow up on the actions already initiated by the Sama Lukonde Government in favor of people affected by the Nyiragongo natural disaster.

Minister Julien Paluku will also closely monitor the implementation of planned projects, in particular issues related to restoring drinking water and electricity services and the multiple needs of the victims.

With the military governor of North Kivu at his side, Lieutenant-General Constant Ndima Kongba, Minister Julien Paluku is therefore on the front lines of events so that all information and all complaints are faithfully transmitted to the authorities in Kinshasa.