National Assembly: Support of the national elected of the Sacred Union for the state of siege in Nord Kivu and Ituri


Kinshasa, June 3rd, 2021 (CPA).- National elected, members of the Sacred Union of the Nation expressed, on Wednesday, their support for the measure of the Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi proclaiming a state of siege in Nord Kivu and Ituri and the appointment of military authorities at the provincial, urban, municipal and territorial level to track down negative forces in this part of the country, in a double statement made public at the Palace of the Nation in Lingwala municipality.

The two national elected who spoke on this occasion, namely, Dede Kodoro on behalf of the so-called “revolutionary” national elected and Charles Okoto for the “Mosaic PPRD” national elected, supported the defense and security forces engaged on theaters of operations, before calling for the primacy of fundamental human rights and freedoms in order to ensure social harmony and the collaboration of the civilian population, even in time of war.

Compassion in the wake of the volcanic eruption

The national elected, members of the Sacred Union who were dressed in white with white caps on their heads, also expressed their compassion towards all the victims of the volcanic eruption by demanding the government of the Republic to put Goma Volcanic Observatory (OVG) in conditions necessary to ensure preventive observation of the volcano and urgently restore the living conditions of these compatriots who are in distress.

Speaking on behalf of so-called « revolutionary » national elected, Dede Kodoro painted a grim picture of the security situation in Nord Kivu made worse by the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano in Goma.

These so-called « revolutionary » national elected praised the work done by the Nobel Prize winner and director of Panzi hospital in Bukavu in Sud Kivu, Dr Mukwege.

« The one who is affectionately called restorer of women has acquired a national and international reputation which commands admiration not only in Africa, but also in the whole world because, the Nobel Peace Prize which had been awarded to him is not by no means a coincidence, but the fruit of his work on the ground”, they said.

For his part, the spokesperson of national elected « PPRD mosaic of the Sacred Union of the Nation, Charles Okoto, called on the Congolese nation for unity and cohesion at this time when the country is going through hard times.

In addition, the President of the Lower House of Parliament, Christophe Mboso, chaired the plenary of the National Assembly with two items on the agenda, namely, the examination of the indictment of the Attorney General to the Constitutional Court asking the lifting of immunities for the purpose of obtaining authorization to prosecute two national elected as well as the examination of the request for the arrest of a member of the government. He called a closed session before considering these two points.