Kasaï Central: A DGDP mission for the certification of the debt of the ENERKAC solar power plant


Kananga, June 5th, 2021 (CPA).– A delegation from the General Directorate of Public Debt from Kinshasa is hard at work in Kananga, capital of Kasai Central province, to certify the debt contracted in his time by the former governor of the said province, Alex Kande Mupompa, intended for the installation of the Kasai Central solar power plant (ENERKAC). Led by Mr. Billy Tshibambe, an official in this State public service, this mission will identify the actual amount of the participation of the province of Kasai Central in the realization of this work. It will also assess the effectiveness of this project, before contacting all stakeholders, in order to release responsibilities. The Kasaï Central executive obtained in 2014 a loan of 3,400,000 (three million four hundred thousand) USD for a period of 30 (three) months, with a grace period of 6 (six) months for construction, by the South African company Megatron, a solar power plant to be managed by ENERKAC, it is recalled. ACP/